Jason is a truly skilled trainer. His deep expertise in strength, conditioning, and body mechanics allow him to create personalized workouts that are effective and safe. It’s a world of difference compared to exercising independently. And it’s not just about the body–his positivity, drive, and patience support your efforts to stay focused and motivated. If you’re in doubt, get in touch and experience it for yourself!

Andre M.

Flexibility, strength, balance, and functionality! Feeling better than ever! Jason has been great in focusing on developing total body fitness! Full disclosure, Jason is my son and kicks my butt 3x per week.

Danny F.

Met Jason in early 2017 and have felt better ever since. I look forward to his classes each and every week. His approach of challenging you in a safe and deliberate way, so you can grow and improve in all aspects, speaks to his great way of teaching. Ensuring you are doing each exercise properly and/or altering them to each person’s specific needs speaks to his deep knowledge. Asking you before class how your problem areas are and/or how you are feeling and then addressing any concerns speaks to his focus on the entire body. I highly, highly recommend Jason and Blues City Strength & Conditioning.

Ben B.